Custom Homes

Custom Homes

At Welek Construction, we value collaboration and being involved in bringing your dream home to life. Most often, custom homes are built on a property previously purchased by the client and our team works to construct an entirely customized, new home on the property.

Building a whole new home can be intimidating to those who do not have a construction background, and this is where we want to help.

We have designed a process allowing for collaboration and advising to make custom home building easier. When a client shows interest in building a custom home with Welek Construction Company, we schedule a meeting to discuss what they wish to see incorporated in their future home.

Whether the client has a laundry list of desires or is unsure of where to start, we will compile the information brought to the table, educate them on any alternatives we see as solutions  for the client and provide any direction they might need. Next, we will collaborate internally to create a floor plan incorporating what the homeowner has requested.

Welek Construction has long-standing relationships with local architects and designers in Columbia, MO,  so we use our knowledge and relationships to provide more cost-effective building techniques without sacrificing  great design and functionality. With the floor plan completed, we will organize for our local architects and designers to draft tentative drawings, make more finalized decisions and come to a price estimate for the desired work.

John Welek, Welek Construction’s company leader, finds one of the most effective ways to begin brainstorming ideas for your custom home is through the Houzz website and app. With an account, you are able to browse and select different home ideas and add them to your page. At Welek Construction, we love to view the content on your profile to engage with your vision and then create an idea book of any suggestions we might have for you. We think taking your one idea and providing you with ten more guarantees our  clients will have their dreams met. This process incorporates advice from a professional who can ensure each homeowner gets the best bang for their buck.

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