John Welek of Welek Construction

John Welek of Welek Construction

Developer and company leader John Welek has a passion for construction pushing him to produce only the highest quality constructions for his clients. Welek strives to keep ahead of the curve in his industry by constantly discovering how to build homes ahead of building code with the use of current technology. This passion to understand the industry and the inner workings of home construction is one Welek would like to share with his clients by informing and advising them on how to get the most of their home.

Welek is collaborative and helpful with his clients in walking through options, implications of their options, costs and sharing his personal recommendations.

Welek’s Philosophy

At Welek Construction Company, our company philosophy is to combat the attack on our environment, skyrocketing fossil fuel costs and global warming. Our company focuses on utilization of energy efficient construction, sustainability and renewable resources.

“Our ultimate goal is to achieve Builder of Choice for quality constructed environmentally friendly energy efficient homes.”

Why Should I Build a Green Home?

Green builders like Welek Construction are committed to building high-performance buildings and creating a better tomorrow. Sustainable building design is a goal without boundaries. By supporting and implementing sustainable building design, Welek Construction is making a commitment to improve the environment. Though terms like “green building construction” are the buzz lately, Welek Construction’s passion in this field is evident through continuing education and recent membership in the Passive House club. Our goals are providing value-added, high performance building solutions for years. Our goals are providing value added, high performance building solutions with the capacity to withstand the test of time and positively impact our environment.  Executing these designs requires green construction management with hands-on-experience.

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